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The Beauty Of Passive Income With Power Squares

The Beauty Of Passive Income With Power Squares

Welcome to my Shawnee Mission Power Squares home based business blog. On this site I post information about direct sales opportunities for Overland Park entrepreneurs.

The goal of most home based business owners in Overland Park is to generate residual income. It is an exciting day for new business owners when they receive their first check. It doesn’t happen overnight, but eventually the small stream of checks turns into a river. As the amount of income increases, your work load does not increase proportionately. That’s the beauty of passive income.

Thousands of Shawnee Mission folks just like you are earning supplemental income as independent Power Squares distributors in the Shawnee Mission area. If it is time for you to partner with Power Squares, call me today!

Molly Logsdon
(913) 636-5158
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Fun Exercise Ideas For Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County Kids

Fun Exercise Ideas For Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County Kids

When I was growing up in Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County, my friends and I never ran out of things to do, and most of our activities provided at least a little bit of exercise. I have fond memories of playing kick-the-can on warm summer nights and swimming at the old Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County community pool.

Unfortunately, many of today’s Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County kids spend hours daily in sedentary activities. Exercise benefits our physical, mental, and emotional health. Perhaps you might enjoy participating in some of these with your son or daughter.

Fun exercise suggestions:

  • Fly a kite (It’s even more fun if you sing the song from Mary Poppins while you are doing it.)
  • Wheels: bike, skateboard, longboard, inline skates, rip stick, scooter (don’t forget a helmet!)
  • Rake the yard
  • Hula hoop (The Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County Wal-Mart carried them last time I checked.)
  • Martial arts
  • Juggling
  • Hacky sack
  • Badminton
  • Weight lifting
  • Hopscotch
  • Jump-roping
  • Tug-of-war

I am concerned about the state of children’s health in Kansas and like to share information about health issues in my blog. If you are looking for a low-fat, high antioxidant chocolate product that tastes like a diet-buster, call me today. I sell Protein Bar and Power Squares, two tasty treats that help my kids stay healthy.

Molly Logsdon
(913) 636-5158
Power Squares

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X Power Squares At

Shawnee Mission Low Start-Up Cost Business Many of my Shawnee Mission Xocai healthy chocolate blog articles have focused on the link between vascular health and antioxidant levels. Two of the most potent antioxidants are epicatechins and catechins.

Todays’ Overland Park chocolate article explores the link between antioxidants in chocolate and peak brain function. As it turns out, antioxidants improve brain function precisely because they promote healthy blood flow. A steady supply of blood brings oxygen to the brain. Cognitive functions such as memory, reasoning, and concentration are hampered when the brain is deprived of blood.

Numerous studies have shown the link between epicatechins and catechins on brain function.

The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine reported on a study that examined how flavanols affected mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s dementia.

“Overall, a great deal of evidence suggests that flavanols increase blood flow and perfusion of the brain. In addition, a number of experimental data also suggest that flavanols may delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as AD (Alzheimer’s Dementia) through a number of different mechanisms…The natural antioxidant flavanols decrease the incidence of vascular atrophy and offer many cardiovascular benefits in addition to counteracting oxidative stress via their antioxidant properties. Further, brain vascular atrophy and the development of MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) are directly linked.”

Epicatechin-rich Xocai X Power Squares are my favorite Shawnee Mission brain food.

MXI is not the only organization to recognize the link between antioxidants in cacao and cognitive function. In an article called “The Top 5 Brain Foods” found on the website, minimally processed cacao beans are listed as number two. Guess what other super food makes an appearance? The acai berry!

Get in touch with me for more information:

Molly Logsdon
healthy chocolate wholesale distributor
(913) 636-5158

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How Much Can You Earn Selling Power Squares?

KC Metropolitan  entrepreneurs wanted Put a little time in selling Power Squares and you can earn a little extra income. Put more time in and you will earn more. Both of these statements are true, but because of the magic of residual income, the MLM compensation formula does not advance at the same ratio. Let me explain.

With the Power Squares network marketing opportunity, you have to start out by putting in enough hours to build an income-generating organization. How much time? That is different for everybody, but some serious KC Metropolitan network marketers work full-time in the beginning. Then things change…

When your frontline recruits and trains successful Power Squares distributors, you begin to earn more money without working more hours! As your KC Metropolitan business snowballs, eventually you can work less and earn more!

Can you be successful with a Protein Bar home business if you only work part time? Absolutely! You will start out earning a little extra cash by your own sales of Protein Bar in KC Metropolitan . If you recruit new Protein Bar distributors, you will begin to earn money from their sales.

It takes a little longer, but you can earn steady income by working part time selling Power Squares in KC Metropolitan and online.

Are you ready to start? Call me (Molly Logsdon) at (913) 636-5158 to join my Protein Bar team.

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3 Ways To Cut Your Kids’ Sugar Intake In Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County

3 Ways To Cut Your Kids' Sugar Intake In Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County

If your Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County children are like mine, they love sweets. It seems like it takes a few years for children to appreciate flavors more sophisticated than Hubba Bubba and Fruity Pebbles. If my kids were in charge of the grocery list, we would eat popsicles for breakfast and gummy bears for dinner.

If you are trying to wean your kids (or yourself) off sugar, I suggest you reduce it in phases. Radical changes rarely succeed for Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County children.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the sugar in your kid’s diets.

1) Drink less soda: they are loaded with sugar and empty calories.
2) Use whole grains: complex carbs provide long-term energy. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole-grain pasta are all readily available at Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County grocery stores.
3) Substitute natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, and 100% fruit juice. The more subtle sweetness provided by natural sweeteners helps taste buds adjust gradually to less sugar.

Xocai offers many low-glycemic healthy chocolate products that kids love. See for more information.

Check back here next week for more timely tips on improving your children’s health or call (913) 636-5158 today. Here’s to a healthy week!

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Healthy Snacks For Happy Studying In Shawnee Mission

Healthy Snacks For Happy Studying In Shawnee Mission

Welcome to my Overland Park children’s health blog. My fifth grader’s elementary teacher recently sent home a note encouraging good homework habits for all of her Shawnee Mission students. The note included this suggestion: ‘Eat a healthy snack before sitting down to study.’

My kids and I sat down to brainstorm some healthy snacks they could eat before beginning their homework each afternoon. After compiling our list we headed to our favorite Overland Park grocery store to stock up on after-school snacks.

Here are my kids top ten healthy homework snacks!

Frozen grapes (or other favorite fruit)
String cheese
Fruit leather
Dried apricots
Hummus with veggies
Celery dipped in peanut butter
Fruit smoothies

Overland Park kids can focus better when they have healthy snacks handy. Another important thing to remember is that kids are more likely to eat healthy snacks if they can choose their favorites. I am a local Protein Bar representative and an advocate for children’s health in Kansas. To learn more about healthy snacking, contact me today at (913) 636-5158 or

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Shawnee Mission Parents: Is Your Child’s Car Seat Safe?

Shawnee Mission Parents: Is Your Child's Car Seat Safe?

Anyone in Shawnee Mission who transports kids in their car should regularly review the child safety seat regulations. Kansas and federal laws are periodically updated. Shawnee Mission parents who think their six year-old doesn’t need to be in a booster seat may be surprised to learn that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that children stay in a booster seat until their height and weight exceed the manufacturer’s limits.

Complete recommendations can be found at

Here are some quick facts for Shawnee Mission parents:

  • Keep infants and toddlers rear-facing as long as possible.
  • Upgrade child safety seat when child reaches max height and weight for each particular model.
  • Most Kansas Wal-Mart, Target, and Babies-R-Us stores carry safety seats for all ages.
  • Shawnee Mission children are ALWAYS safer in the back seat and those under twelve should never ride in the front seat.

I am Protein Bar distributor Molly Logsdon. Thanks for visiting my Shawnee Mission children’s health site. If you would like information about a terrific nutritional product available in Shawnee Mission, call, text, or email me today.

Molly Logsdon
(913) 636-5158
Shawnee Mission Protein Bar

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Don’t Get A Job In Overland Park

Overland Park low start up businessRich Dad, Poor Dad” was a bestseller among Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County entrepreneurs, parents and Overland Park home business owners. Author Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, “The Business of the 21st Century,” is about the advantages of network marketing businesses.

In an article in Direct Selling News (April 2010), Kiyosaki talked about his latest book and how the rules have changed for American workers.

Kiyosaki argues that Americans cannot rely on corporate jobs for a secure living because of technology and global competition. He points out that though technology helps us be more productive, it also eliminates jobs that used to require a real person.

The amount of vacant office space here in Overland Park and the number of people collecting unemployment is a constant reminder of the jobs lost in our area.

Overseas competition has drastically lowered wages, even for highly skilled positions. “Americans can no longer make $80 an hour because there are people in countries all over the world who are willing to work for a dollar an hour.”

Kiyosaki said his best friend’s father taught him wealth-building principles when he was a kid. “If you want to be rich, don’t get a job, don’t save money, and don’t get out of debt: learn to use money and be an entrepreneur.”

Kiyosaki’s recommendation for type of business? You guessed it: network marketing! He emphasizes the fact that MLMs are a great choice right now because they are inexpensive to start and operate and can be done part time.

In November, 2009, I decided to start a Protein Bar network marketing business in Shawnee Mission. I am now an entrepreneur instead of an employee. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about my families’ future.

If you want to transition from Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County employee to entrepreneur, I can show you how to get started. Visit for an explanation of the Protein Bar opportunity.

making good health your business

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