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Shawnee Mission Entrepreneurs More Satisfied

Make money fast with online marketplace opportunity There are a growing number of KC Metropolitan entrepreneurs who have traded traditional jobs in Overland Park for flexible home based businesses. I am one of the new Shawnee Mission entrepreneurs who wanted to improve my lifestyle. I now sell Power Squares from my Shawnee Mission home and have never been happier.

I couldn’t quit my Shawnee Mission day job until I had grown my home based business large enough to generate sufficient income. I have now built a sales team (Xocai) that provides residual income every month. Some of my team members work part time but others have also ‘crossed the bridge’ into a full time home business as a Power Squares distributor.

I have a rewarding personal life that includes frequent family vacations, a variety of Kansas recreational pursuits, volunteer work with two Shawnee Mission civic organizations, and a slew of hobbies. Now my work blends seamlessly with all the things that mean the most to me.

I have integrated my Shawnee Mission home employment with my personal life in a way that enhances both.

I love being able to work whenever I want–whether it is on an early Sunday morning when the everyone else is still sleeping, or after a workout on a Saturday morning. I am not limited to 9-5 on business days, or swing shifts, or graveyards. I feel like I am channeling my energy more effectively.

I spend more time with my spouse and kids since becoming a Protein Bar distributor in November, 2009. We don’t have to plan months ahead for vacations. I am able to attend all of my children’s soccer games, music recitals, and swim meets.

The online marketplace for Power Squares is going strong with no signs of slowing. Become a Power Squares distributor in Overland Park and establish your own channels of passive income.

Call (913) 636-5158 or write me at today!

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Shawnee Mission Children’s Heart Disease Risk

Shawnee Mission Children's Heart Disease Risk

A growing number of Kansas children are developing high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and type 2 diabetes which are all risk factors for heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, there is credible evidence that cholesterol buildup in arteries begins in childhood.

A recent Australian study claims that lifestyle changes made before adulthood, such as healthy eating habits, exercise, and weight management are likely to reduce the risk for heart disease later in life.

The three main risk factors for Overland Park children in developing high cholesterol are heredity, diet, and obesity. Visit with your Overland Park doctor to have your own cholesterol checked to make sure your kids aren’t at risk.

When shopping at your Overland Park grocery store, stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt. Helping Overland Park kids and KC Metropolitan make healthy lifestyle choices now prepares them to have healthy lifestyles as adults.

As a health and wellness business owner and Shawnee Mission children’s advocate, I would love to share more information about children’s nutrition and healthy snacking. Please call or email me today.

healthy chocolate wholesale distributor Molly Logsdon   (913) 636-5158
Shawnee Mission, Kansas  zip code 66206
Protein Bar Power Squares

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Overland Park Xocai Scam Welcome to Molly’s Xocai Dark Chocolate blog. I have two Mark Twain quotes for you today. Here is the first:

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

I used to believe this humorous yet cynical view of wholesome living. If you’d rather eat a Snickers, drink a chocolate milkshake and watch TV instead of having a salad and water after a spin class, you may agree.

Obviously, Mark Twain never tried Xocai Chocolate. In fact, Xocai disproves two out of the three components of the previous quote. With Xocai, you can maintain your health by eating and drinking chocolate. Enjoying Xocai makes healthy eating feel a lot like delicious indulgence. (Just throw in some exercise and you’re on your way!)

Here is the second Mark Twain quote:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

This exhilarating quote reminds me of the Xocai antioxidant chocolate income opportunity. Whether you live in KC Metropolitan , Kansas/Missouri, or Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County, you can sail away on the Xocai healthy chocolate revolution. EXPLORE the countless Xocai marketing methods. You are sure to find the ones which fit your personality. DISCOVER your potential to create a successful weight-loss chocolate business in Shawnee Mission. Achieve your financial DREAMS while enjoying guilt-free Xocai every day!

If you feel inspired (or simply hungry for chocolate), call me at (913) 636-5158 to get going. You can also send a note to

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NIH Children’s Check-Up Guidelines In Overland Park

NIH Children's Check-Up Guidelines In Overland ParkAs Kansas parents, we know our children’s health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most Overland Park parents are aware of the essentials in keeping their kids healthy; providing nutritious meals, making sure they get adequate sleep and physical activity, and guaranteeing their safety.

It is also necessary for our Overland Park kids to receive regular checkups with their Kansas health care providers. Not only will these visits track your Overland Park child’s development, but will aid in averting health problems.

According to the NIH, besides regular checkups, school-age KC Metropolitan and Shawnee Mission children should also see their Overland Park doctor for:

  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Sleep problems or change in behavior
  • Fever higher than 102
  • Rashes or skin infections
  • Frequent sore throats
  • Breathing problems

I would love to share more children’s health information with you. Please call me today!

healthy chocolate wholesale distributor Molly Logsdon
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66206
(913) 636-5158
Protein Bar



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Prevent Classroom Sickness In KC Metropolitan

Prevent Classroom Sickness In KC Metropolitan

To curb the spread of viruses, lice, and other kid’s health threats in KC Metropolitan schools, parents need to teach their kids proper hygiene practices and review them on a regular basis.

Here is a rundown of some unwelcome classroom visitors and steps to combat them:

  • Head lice: wash hands frequently, don’t share combs, hats, scarves.
  • Ringworm (skin infection with circular lesions, not actually caused by worms): keep sores covered, don’t share combs or clothing.
  • Pinkeye: vigilant hand washing can help stop the spread. KC Metropolitan parents should keep kids home if their eyes are pink or draining fluid.
  • Colds, flu, strep: anti-bacterial wipes and no-rinse hand sanitizer can supplement soap and water scrubbing. Remind kids not to share drinks, snacks, lotion, chap stick, and lip gloss.

KC Metropolitan children who know and practice these safeguards will be prepared when the next H1N1 threat visits Overland Park.

I promote children’s health issues in Overland Park. For information on my health business, contact me today.

healthy chocolate wholesale distributor Molly Logsdon
Shawnee Mission, Kansas zip code 66206
(913) 636-5158
Protein Bar

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The X Protein Meal Shake Scores 50,000 On ORAC

Shawnee Mission Kansas X Protein Meal Shake Do you want to increase the antioxidant potency of your blood? The Xocai X ProteinMeal Shake is one of the most delicious ways to get a powerful boost of Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County antioxidants.

The Xocai X ProteinMeal shake is a Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County meal-replacement shake used by Shawnee Mission and Kansas/Missouri people for general health, weight-loss, as a non-toxic energy drink, and as an immune-booster.

If you are not familiar with antioxidants: here is a short, but by no means comprehensive, list of the potential benefits:

  • Supports Cardiovascular health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Protects against cellular damage
  • Supports cognitive function

Most people in Shawnee Mission and KC Metropolitan do not get enough antioxidants. I know you have heard it before: we all need to eat more fruits and veggies. But even if we consume the recommended five servings, we may still not ingest enough antioxidants. The need for antioxidants is even more critical when we are fighting a Kansas/Missouri cold or flu.

The Xocai X ProteinMeal Shake takes the guesswork out of the quest for adequate antioxidants. One serving contains an ORAC score of 50,000. If you replace one meal a day with the Xocai protein shake and eat high antioxidant foods such as berries (blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries), whole grains, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, green tea, carrots, and soy–you will be one of the wise few who reach the recommended antioxidant level.

Many of the benefits of increasing antioxidant intake are hard to describe, but I guarantee that you will feel a greater sense of overall vitality-and who knows how many chronic diseases you will avoid?

  • healthy chocolate wholesale distributor Molly Logsdon
  • Shawnee Mission, Kansas
  • (913) 636-5158
  • Protein Bar
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Direct Marketing On The Internet From Shawnee Mission

Overland Park Home Business If you are a network marketer in Kansas/Missouri or Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County, you probably already use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. If you are a Overland Park person who uses Facebook and Twitter for fun, have you ever considered making money while you interact online?

I use Facebook, Twitter and my Xocai online store to sell Protein Bar. I am also generating residual income by building a Overland Park direct marketing team.

Network marketing in Overland Park is nothing like it was twenty years ago. Distributors were required to sell products in person, often to Kansas/Missouri friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, you still often need to sell Power Squares and Protein Bar in person, the point I want to stress is that you can also do it online, too.

I can show you how to build a successful internet business with Xocai.

With your own online store and social networks you can:

  • Find new Power Squares customers
  • Run email campaigns
  • Grow your Xocai team
  • Communicate with your team members
  • Strengthen Protein Bar brand identity
  • Create a Power Squares customer database

I am Molly Logsdon. I live in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. I became a Power Squares distributor in November 2009. My phone number is (913) 636-5158. My team is doing great selling Protein Bar online.

If you would like more information, contact me today.

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Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle In Shawnee Mission

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle In Shawnee Mission

Welcome to my Shawnee Mission entrepreneur blog. Today’s article is a bit philosophical. I want to talk about time. I would argue that time is more precious than almost anything else in life.

How are you managing your most valuable resource?

Are you working full-time for a corporation that may lay you off any day? Are you spending a lot of time training for a new Shawnee Mission career? Are you able to take the time necessary to nurture your relationships? When was the last time (there’s that word again) you spent a whole day playing?

I am Molly Logsdon. I run a Protein Bar Direct Sales business from my Shawnee Mission home. I have been steadily building my Protein Bar income-generating business since November 2009. Now that I have channels of residual income, the checks can come even if I take a three-week vacation with my family.

Sure, the money is great, but guess what I value more than the financial security? More Free Time. That’s right.

I am now living life on my own terms.

I spend several hours a week helping new Protein Bar team members kick-start their home businesses. I absolutely love the challenge of helping Kansas people create something unique and powerful in their life.

Other than supporting my Protein Bar downline, I enjoy a lot of time with my spouse and kids. A lot. I know few Overland Park corporate executives who have as much free time as I do.

My Shawnee Mission business is straightforward and uncomplicated. I sell Protein Bar on the internet and recruit new Shawnee Mission entrepreneurs who, in turn, create a better, less hectic lifestyle for themselves.

If you feel like you are a hamster running non-stop in a wheel without ever getting anywhere, stop. Take some TIME to give me a call. There is a better way to live, work, and play.

healthy chocolate wholesale distributor Molly Logsdon
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66206
(913) 636-5158
Protein Bar Power Squares

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The Booming Overland Park Health and Wellness Market

KC Metropolitan  Low Start-Up Cost Business The Overland Park health industry includes Shawnee Mission doctors, KC Metropolitan hospitals, health insurance providers, drug companies and Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County pharmacies. The Kansas medical community focuses mainly on treating illnesses after they are diagnosed.

For example, Shawnee Mission oncologists administer chemo and radiation treatment to KC Metropolitan cancer patients, Kansas/Missouri primary care doctors write prescriptions for antibiotics, Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County cardiologists prescribe beta-blockers for patients with high blood pressure, and Overland Park endocrinologists treat diabetics.

The Kansas health and wellness market is a related industry with an important difference. The health and wellness industry aims to prevent illness and disease.

The best selling health and wellness products/services in Overland Park are nutritional supplements, chiropractic care, osteopathic doctors, holistic health services, and exercise facilities.

The Overland Park health and wellness industry has experienced significant growth in the past few years, despite the global recession. Part of the reason is directly related to the weak Kansas economy. When Shawnee Mission people lose their jobs, they lose their health insurance and COBRA premiums are often too expensive. Even insured KC Metropolitan people have less money to pay co-pays. A lot of Kansas/Missouri people use health and wellness products in an effort to avoid expensive Johnson/Jackson/Wyandotte County professional medical care.

The Xocai Healthy Chocolate business opportunity is one of the easiest and quickest ways to profit from the booming Shawnee Mission health and wellness industry. Xocai antioxidant chocolate helps prevent illness; no prescription required.

With minimal start-up costs, you can own your own home-based Overland Park business. If you have never been a small business owner/operator, don’t worry. I can show you how to succeed with MXI healthy chocolate.

Since most everyone already buys chocolate regularly, all you need to do is introduce people to Xocai antioxidant dark chocolate.

They readily understand the importance of replacing the bad chocolate with the good Xocai chocolate. Educating prospects about the health benefits is easy; you are more of a consultant than a salesperson.

During tough economic times, take control by creating your own Shawnee Mission job. A Overland Park Xocai healthy chocolate business provides financial reward, a flexible schedule, and the satisfaction of helping people improve their health. (Another sweet fringe benefit is that you get paid to eat chocolate!)

For more information, contact me at (913) 636-5158. making good health your business!

Molly Logsdon
healthy chocolate wholesale distributor
(913) 636-5158

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